Well, the last row I have to do. I tried a new block in miniature and it came out alright, just not the right size. Supposed to finish at 2″ but was a little larger.


So I went to a 1.5″ Friendship Star and added around it to make it 2″ finished. I wanted the more complicated star but with family coming any minute and a busy rest of the month, I didn’t want to make Diane wait another month. And it was soooo hard not to do scrappy. From top to bottom: Julie, Nansi, Diane, Candy and me.


Check out Diane’s block closer, she designed it herself. It finishes at 2.25″. Isn’t that a neat block? I can’t imagine doing that one in miniature.


My rows are home now, I’ll show them later. Below is a piece I finished last week, it’s on canvas, something new for me. It says: Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket. I used Distress It spray by Hooked on Rugs, an antiquing solution for punchneedle and other fibers. I like it, quick and easy. No need to run upstairs and make tea.


See ya. Happy Monday.