We’re having our quilt show here in Moses Lake this weekend and today (I’m writing this Thursday night) we set it up. My vendor neighbor, Jane, used to live in Austria (is that right? I’m not sure, was too excited by her vintage linens) for 15 years and now her son lives in Germany so she has collected a vast amount of amazing things. From stitching samplers, shelf edging, lace, needle keepers, etc and all antique. Be still my heart. I began a pile before she was even half way unpacked. So, anyhow she gave me a little package and inside were some scraps and the needlework piece (don’t know what it is). But what I found interestingĀ are the indigos. There are only two pieces in the photo, that’s right, there are two printed sides! If I use them one side will be forever gone. Hm-m-m.indigos

I’ll show you what I purchased on Monday. Precious treasures.

Have a great weekend.