Have you seen Wordle? I tried to play with it but couldn’t due to my inept computer inability. I tried to add the words from this piece:593web

2″ star with…
Made in the USA
Good wishes
Interesting events
Freedom inspiration
More wonderful
Harmonizing beautifully
I loved

Here’s a few wordles below, looks fun, huh? You supply the words and I don’t know what other control you have ‘cuz I don’t have Applet tags and don’t want to install a Java something or other. Hm-m, that’d be a different wedding invitation or birth announcement, huh? Or a family tree…they say you can use any of the wordles (and there are many) for any purpose. Everybody’s name on T-shirts for the next family reunion. Yep, this could be fun.
Wordle: Rebbe NachmanWordle: HSC General Maths ProbabilityWordle: OMGLOLZ

Have a wonderful weekend!