Went to Coburg, Oregon this weekend for their 5th Annual Quilt Show “Quilt Your Wagons” Oh my, what a wonderful weekend! There was a horse drawn carriage (hard to see with all the people in the way)


Quilt banners…each one different!

bannerbanner2A Tea Room with 4 seatings of 80 people, by reservation only. Antique and Fiber Arts Quilt display, a Quartet, music, talks and demos, vendors and, of course, quilts.


quiltswagonsAnd at the end of the day…porch sittin’.


The fact that it was such a beautiful porch with a luscious yard didn’t hurt. We rocked in the chairs, sipped our cool drinks and visited. Just one of those perfect times, peaceful and comfortable punctuated with thought provoking conversations and gut wrenching laughter. I left feeling refreshed. You have to come next year if you can possibly make it! I’ll give you a heads up and it’ll be on my Upcoming page on my Galloping Pony website. Ah-h-h. Happy Monday to you.

{added note: some of the photos seem to be acting up but I’ll leave them just in case you can see them. Sorry ’bout that, I don’t know why it’s happening}