Actually found this at the Coburg Quilt Show, Diane from Tater Patch Quilts showed me. But what prompted that was a gal brought in some miniatures to their shop for them to show me. It’s a book by Penny Haren, a brilliant gal for sure. The book, Pieced Applique, has blown open the door to many more quilt blocks for me. I’ve pretty much stuck with blocks that only require squares, rectangles and triangles. And I remember using this concept a little on the few Dear Jane blocks I did, but it never clicked in my brain to use it on miniatures. Below is a block which shows the first part of her technique, don’t know if this one is in her books (only glanced at one).cross1  Then she adds applique to create complicated blocks in simple ways. You can see an example on the front of her book. If you don’t like reading instructions, the pictures describe the technique very well. Great book.

4@ 1.5″ x 1.5″
1 @ 1″ x 3″
2 @ 1″ x 1.5″
Sew together.cross2 I created a 2″ template to help cut it out for a 1.5″ finished block.cross3 Just lined up the lines.cross5cross4cross6

Aren’t they cuties? You’ll see much more when I have a chance to play. Have a fantastic weekend!