595webbI have an antique mans scrapbook (the book is aged, I don’t know about the guy) and there are many wonderful photos of camping, railroad building and nature. I’ve been using them lately and here’s one today. Random triangles set in a strippy quilt, 1/2″ of course. This one says, “With no word of greeting to gladden his heart. Then again surges his sorrow upon him; And grimly he spurs on his weary soul.” Not so easy to find something to go with these manly photos.

595upcloseP.S. I’ve been having some problems with photos the last three posts, sometimes they don’t want to show themselves. I don’t know why (computer, camera, photoshop…what’s the problem?) So, I’m sorry if they aren’t showing up for you, I’m uploading them several times before they show up for me. Gr-r-r.

Happy Monday to you and may your computer do what it’s told.