Okay, so this isn’t miniature…but it is small, 20″ x 20″ and it is art. The squares are 1/2″. This is made using Quilted Photo Xpress 4.0 You enter your photos and the computer does the work, except for picking the fabric. The book helps with that. It was so much fun. I have a few more in mind I’d like to do…how about you?


Get up from the computer and back away…it’ll look even better. And a close up of his right eye…doesn’t look like much close up, does it?


Today I’m going to sew a big quilt, for no particular reason other than I feel like it. My second (or is it third) day off to sew for fun. Haven’t wanted to sew a large quilt in about 5 years. I have a handful of orphan blocks and some florals. We’ll see what happens, if it’s decent you’ll see it here Monday. Have a nice weekend! I hope you have a few minutes to create something!