From The Picket Fence…handcarved houses.  Yes, handcarved. They are lit from inside and have “quilts” on them. Handpainted on canvas. See the one on the right? It has another quilt on the other side. And the top left? The Ohio Star quilt is draped over the porch railing. Each house has a quilt somewhere. Apparently she (Marianne Kober) can take custom orders. Oh, I almost forgot the sheep (goats not seen in photo) which are also handcrafted with real wool and a “quilt” draped over their backs. Aren’t they cute? I couldn’t find these on their website but you can order over the phone. She’s very helpful and willing to ship. The Picket Fence is in Hayden, Idaho and stocks many handcrafted items created in America, the good ‘ol USA. Phone # 208-762-8147.

Have  a nice Labor Day weekend!

P.S. Whoo-hoo! I got a mention in the newest Quilt Sampler! (page 61) Haven’t seen it yet, but a friend just called to tell me. Thanks to the Temecula Quilt Co…you rock! Congrats to you for getting into Quilt Sampler!