Good day all. Here’s some more from the Buggy Barn Quilt Show. A custom silhouette collaged on an antique optometrist lens by Fielding Chelf of Two Women. And not only people but dog silhouettes too! 


And some bracelets and handbags I spied at her booth.



But I think I like the tins best. The graphics are wonderful. They’d make cute on-the-go sewing kits or containers for jewelry while traveling. Mm-m, maybe I shoulda gotten this one.


Happy Friday.

P.S. Look up where you type in the address when you’re online  (, do you see the Dresden Plate? I found out how to put that there today, by accident. Cool huh?  Amazing things happen when one pays attention.  Added note: I only know how to do it on wordpress so if you have a blog with them email me and I’ll tell you how I did it.