Good morning or afternoon. I hope your Sunday was more uneventful than mine! Barb and I got stuck in Laramie (earliest snowfall in 24 years, lucky us) when the roads closed and decided to stay another day till it warmed up to two digits. Seeing the 30 – 40 accidents in Denver sealed the deal. Anyhoo…we made it to Amarillo, Texas today and will beat it all the way to Houston tomorrow. Never so happy to see sunshine in my life.

Will try and remember to take pictures for those of you who have never been to Quilt Festival, it’s a first for me too. Have a wonderful week. I may post before Friday with fun stuff to share.

P.S. If you were expecting something by way of Fed Ex and the box was wet, crushed and dirty, I’m sorry we didn’t stop on the icy road and pick it up from the huge pile of boxes but we just, well, didn’ want to. Semis sliding around is something not to get in the middle of.