• How’s that for a long title?
  • We are home. Home sweet home. My own bed, the familiar daily routine. It’s great. The skies are blue here, the air cool  and I’m so ready for some down time. Puttering around doing this and that.


  • The winner for the 2009 Quilt Festival bag is akageece@knology.net! Congrats! I’ll probably tuck in something else when I package it up.
  • Below is the vintage grain sack that I finally scored. It has two of my initials, an unexpected treat. It’s real long, from the floor to my chin, so I’ll use the initials side for a table runner and I’m thinking of a tote from the other side. With miniatures added in my favorite quilt of all times manner. Wouldn’t that be cool?


  • more treasures. I love old baby shoes for some reason.


  • the latest publisher said no. Bummer. I think I’ll self publish again, the process of no takes too long for my patience.
  • Ever participate in a cyber retreat? I did once, didn’t give it much hope for fun and was very pleasantly surprised at how much fun it really was. Look for that here next year.
  • I’m thankful for Barb and Eddy, the gals who helped me do Quilt Festival in Houston. Without them it absolutely would not have happened. They’re hard workers, and never complained. Thanks you two, I do appreciate it.
  •  You can see a small glimpse of Barb wearing one of her Quilt Festival finds here, it’s a shirt made from drapes found in Chicago. So-o-o pretty. Maybe I’ll get a better picture later so you can really see the fabric.
  • Karen Burns sent me some great photos of a project she finished (she found a book with her last name on the cover in a beautiful font!) and I’m trying to get the photos out of the email but can’t seem to. Have done it many times before but this time I’m stumped for some reason. Really wanted to share them with you, I’ll keep trying.
  • Finally, a thanks to all of you who stopped by my booth at Buggy Barn, Portland and Houston and let me know you enjoy this blog. Now I can envision a crowd of smiling gals who enjoy these miniature collages as much as I do when I sit here typing. Have a wonderful weekend.