The left side looks pretty good but it all goes downhill from there as far as matching points…and yet, I still like it because of the parts I like. (sorry, the brain is still tired, but you know what I mean!) Overlooking the imperfection to see the good (the colors and they’re so tiny!) as opposed to being stuck on the imperfection and not seeing the good. I choose the former for my life. I’d miss so much if I didn’t.


Thought about this at Quilt Festival. It’s a juried show, perfection is required, the quilts are amazing. A friend talked about a quilt she saw that was perfect, each and every point matched, nothing cut off. But it was as ordinary in pattern and color as anyone would make. Then there’s my favorite quilt of all time, imperfections galore, applique stitches easily seen, blocks not straight. The exact same pattern, done the exact same way, in new fabrics would not have made it into the show. Why can they acknowledge the beauty when it’s old, in spite of the imperfections, but not if it’s new? Why the double standard? I don’t know.

Have a nice quiet and peaceful Monday.