A few thrift store finds and Rebecca W.’s finished Market Tote! First a defiant little girl, I mean, look at that face! Can you say strong will? Egads.

little girl


More shoes, had to get them. (I do have a creative reason) Barb made me (yes, you did Barb, you know you did!) when she bought a metal/wood…shelf thing (sorry, not a good description) with cubby holes for her wool pieces. Has an advertisement on the back so she’ll have to display it so you can see all sides. Anyhow, I was caught up in the excitement and figured I would probably never see shoes like this again and would kick myself later if I didn’t…so, I did.


That last paragraph sounds like a justification doesn’t it? Hm, maybe it is. And now, Rebecca’s tote. Every one that I’ve seen is so different on the button crest/stencil side, a personal touch from the maker.


And the miniature quilted pocket side. Thanks Rebecca for letting me post this!


Have  an autumn weekend.

P. S. Thanks for all the comments on last Mondays post. Its nice to know there are other like minded souls out there! See ya Monday.