I found this in my email inbox.

I’m attaching a picture of my first creation because I read somewhere that you’d like to see what’s created . . . and I was thrilled with how my very first piece turned out!  The frame size is eight square inches, and lily of the valley is my favorite flower.  I was surprised at how the finished piece was completely different than what I originally planned.  I’m looking forward to creating my next piece!!!  THANK YOU for the inspiration and the incredible ideas.  Kimberly B.

Thank you Kimberly for letting me post this.

lily of the valley a la Galloping Pony

I like the cluster of buttons and embroidery.

And something I’ve been meaning to mention, have you noticed the avatars (little symbol by your name) in the comments that wordpress puts in if you don’t have your own? They remind me of quilt blocks…some real complicated designs. Each time you comment your avatar is the same, it remembers you.

Anyhow, have a nice weekend.