Remember that metal/wood…shelf thing with cubby holes for Barb’s wool? Well, I went and took some photos of it so you could see for yourself. Can you see the colors designated for each cubby? (click on photo to enlarge)cubes


And since I was there I kept taking pictures. This sweet little pocket she scored while we were on the road from Houston. (I didn’t see it below another cloth, darn it)pocket

Drawers and boxes filled with thread.


More thread and a pretty little box. I have a hard time talking with Barb in her sewing room, there are too many neat things to see.


A photo quilt in progress.


Vintage metal pieces with magnets and a TV ready to view.


One of her coolest finds. Isn’t it beautiful? And it came with several old photos inside, usually albums I find don’t have anything in them and certainly don’t look like this.


This is in the living room, one of many vignettes.


One more, what else would you do with bed springs and pumpkins? I could go on and on with photos but this post has to end sometime. Thanks Barb for letting me post this!


Have a nice weekend.