Karen from Vintage Findings sent some wonderful photos of a few projects and said I could share with you. The first is based on Quilt Study.

She says “The canvas is 11″ x 14″.  I painted it to give a weathered look.  I used vintage papers and items that really mean something to us as a family — 1/2 of a sewing machine bobbin, one of my grandfather’s keys, ledger papers from the farm, ration coupons from WWII, a small piece of an old Michigan license plate, a tiny glass tube with the number 15 on it (my mother-in-law was one of 15 children), etc. etc.  I drilled tiny holes in items and actually sewed them onto the canvas, even the lenses.  So, it is totally inspired by your work, but with my own outcome in the finished piece.”

A few close ups, the details are many.

A sit and stare piece. But I can’t find the “piece of an old Michigan license plate”, does anyone else see it? And then the book she found with her own last name in beautiful script!

We should all be so lucky, right?! Guess it pays to have the same name as a poet. Thanks Karen for sharing with us.

Happy Friday all.