First up today…art by Heather and son. She says “When my sister mentioned she was covering all of the artwork in her house with wrapping paper to look like presents for the holidays, a thought came to mind…. time to do some collage art for this wonderful season.  It’s wonderful and my four year old is able to help (he cut out Merry Christmas with his little scissors…it adds a little character and a wonderful memory).  The other words on the right side are “one more falala and you’re outta here”. 

Thanks Heather. Love the words, they made me smile.

Recent publications that I’m late, late, late telling you about. You may already know. There’s ClothPaperScissors  (Nov/Dec 2009) with an ornament  article.

And American Patchwork & Quilting with Tiny Dishes. (Feb. 2010)

And I’ve been wanting to share this with you for ages but the Friday Finds always seems too full. Today I’m doing it anyhow! Richard Pate at Letter Creations  has some fun and unique ways with words. This would be fun to do. I imagine after photographing letter after letter you’d begin to see them everywhere.

Have a wonderful weekend.