Out with the old, in with the new…or altered old anyway.  I found this leather purse with nothing wrong except the grommets were loose. Too bad the previous owner didn’t realize they just screw back together, lucky for me.

Took the purse apart and rebuilt it with some vintage upholstery fabric that’s been waiting for the right project. The metals were silver but I used old bronze that went better with the fabric. The purse is now wider and not as deep with the grommets on either end and only one strap. I also used one of those reform letters, just glued it to the fabric and satin stitched over it by hand. Simple and easy.

Last year at this time on a few blogs people were picking a word to focus on for a year. Like courage or truth. This year I’m thinking of the quote, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without” There’s too much stuff in this house to take care of, it seems a simpler life requires less stuff. Clutter distracts me horribly and easily. Quality over quantity. Anyhow, I’m not completely cutting off buying more, just want to think twice or thrice about how I can use what I already have. Sounds like a plan.

Happy New Year all.  See ya Monday with a new miniature.