Today, two things, a confession and really neat idea. First, the confession, my idea of “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without” as a theme for the year has gone off track a few times now. I found this at a thrift store (I know, shouldn’t even have been there) and snatched it up. Usually I take the whatever out of the frame but, I like this little painting. On the back it reads, “Uncle George painted this picture for Uncle Sid and Della and I got it back after they passed away. Mom  ” and I added “Bought at Goodwill. Feb. 4, 2010”. It’s going in my kitchen.


I like the frame, the colors and cows.

Second, the really neat idea. Aren’t these the cutest tea towels ever? I found them at Periwinkle Quilting and Beyond blog. Love them. Letters and Dresdens…what more could you ask for?tea towels

Have a wonderful weekend. Sew something. See ya Monday.

P. S. Attention 9 patchers: they’ll be exchanged today and mailed out soon thereafter!