Today I’m going to begin sharing a new 14 month exchange we’re doing in my quilt guild. I’d stopped participating in them because they increased my UFO pile and took a good chunk of time to do well but I missed them. So, I created a new one, quick and easy. We call it Felted Women. The idea is to pick a simple shape (3″ or under) and embellish it. Here’s the first one I got. She provided the leaves and gave no instructions whatsoever. Okay! Takes only a few minutes and I know I’m going to learn and have loads of fun with it.

Do you see the two eyes, mouth and moustache like I do? One other thing we will do that’s different than the other exchanges, we’ll share them each month. This helps inspire those who have difficulty coming up with ideas and its just darn fun to see them.

The leaf below is mine. I will be sharing all the projects as they come in, one a month.

I’ll probably end up incorporating some of these ideas in my art. This exchange was definitely inspired by Sue Spargo and Rebecca Sower. Happy Friday all.