The latest Felted Women I worked on, the circle is 1 3/4″. I like it, especially the beads.

Nine months to go. It’s a nice pass around, quick, easy and fun. Wonder what’s she’s going to do in the middle square?

Now…Harbor Freight, I’d never heard of the place til last night. My guild had a sewing room tour, fun. Anyhow, you can get these for…guess how much???

$1.99 for TWO!! Check out their website (it’s on backorder, go figure) And yes, they do fit, Marilyn ripped it out of the package and put it right in her rotary cutter. Call it a quilting tool and charge ten times as much I guess. Now I’m wondering if, say, CostLess Carpet will have them or other stores…may have to find out this weekend.

Have a great weekend all.

P.S. Don’t bother trying the Harbor Freight in Tri-Cities, Barb’s going to buy them all out today. :o)