Remember this quilted photo?


Made up of 1/2″ squares attached to muslin with a paint-by-numbers type system. I found a place online that does it for free…at least I think so. I haven’t actually tried it but that’s how it appears. Patchwork Pattern Maker, let me know if it works…I’ve already done 6 of these myself with a software I purchased so I don’t want to take the time to try it.

I have retreat later this week, I can’t wait! I have an abstract quilt to applique circles on (inspired by an old A Stitch in Dye photo),

a linen/cotton/silk nontraditional quilt (design floating around in my head and changing constantly),

a linen quilt to figure with a wonderful linen/cotton border by French General (I think I’m going to applique a multiple of blocks on the center linen piece, reminesent of Just As I Am) if I get the border on with mitered corners that look decent and an appliqued block or two I’ll be happy…

fabric basket/organizer and a few charity quilts. Not a miniature in site…hm, that’s weird. Oh well. I think I’ll make a cheesecake to take, with strawberries, YUM.

I hope you get to sew some this week, I really do. Have a great week!