I realized Sunday evening I had nothing, well, no pictures anyhow, for Monday. So I guess this is my first (I think) post with no photos and hopefully my last. Too lazy to go find a photo on the computer downstairs.

I’ve been working on a few modern quilts in linens and quirky fabrics. One is done, quilted and everything. I finished appliqueing another, it’s ready to be quilted and figured one more, fabrics and cutting. All are really really me and really not. Not in the sense that it’s not what you’re used to seeing from me but they’re simple with my usual colors, well, mostly.

Anyhow, I have Tuesday off so I’ll share some photos then.

 And I’m thinking about rearranging my sewing room, I do it more than any other room in the house, don’t know why, it’s such a chore.  Just tired of it and wanting some new inspiration. How often do you change up your creative space?