Here are the promised photos from Monday’s post. The finished linen/cotton/silk quilt with detail shots…

The one that the applique is finished really doesn’t look much different than in this post except the circles are smaller since they’ve been appliqued down. So, no new photos of that.

Then the one that I had the fabrics and cutting figured. Here’s one block…

The colors are not well represented in this photo. They are black, dark grey, light grey, greyish blue and a greenish color. I’ve been smitten with grey lately. The print is cotton, the solid linen but the most unusual is the size. Do you see the Dresden? It’s my typical size, 3″, which means the other block is huge…30″. I guess I like extreme proportions. There will be four of these blocks, each with a modern print and linen and then one border along the bottom, probably pieced linen. And I think I’ll applique this little Dresden somewhere.

I got the idea when I saw the front of Malka Dubrawsky’s book. In fact all the quilts mentioned in this post were inspired by her, I love the way she pieces things.

Have a nice and pleasant rest of your week.