How about a little project for the holidays? Gives you as month or so to write little notes to your loved ones and fill out the envelopes. Sew only one and photocopy to reproduce as many as you like.

 Christmas Card

Fabric scraps red & cream
Black & gold floss
Water soluble pen
2 green buttons
Card 5 ½” x 8″ (opened)
  1. Cut nine 1″ x 1″ red squares and sew together.
  2. Cut from cream 1 @ 2 ½ ” x 5″ and 1 @ 1″ x 5″
  3. Sew to row of squares.
  4. Back with muslin.
  5. Use water soluble pen to write “Merry Christmas!” above red squares and stitch.
  6. Trim off ¼ ” from edges.
  7. Sew on buttons.
  8. Photocopy at Staples or some place like that. Ask them to put 4 per page, on photo paper in color.
  9. Cut out and attach to blank card front.

Another Felted Women…


Another, the beads melt into the reds…

Have a happy Monday!