As mentioned a few posts ago I wanted to rearrange my studio. I knew it’d be a large task since I also wanted to sort through and get rid of things I wasn’t using or hadn’t touched in a year. 

Below: my appliqueing/book perusing/TV watching chair and the collage side of the room.

I got rid of one table and now collage on one side and sew on the other. Sure opened up the center of the room without that extra table. The shelves hold quilting fabric, that includes the baskets on the top shelf. Linen and wool have their own bin and drawer elsewhere.

Do you like the cardboard in the window? The sun hits my fabric in the morning and that isn’t allowed. Should probably come up with a prettier solution.

Here’s the other not so pretty end. Computer where I’m at now, the fireplace that doesn’t draw so I can’t use it (grr, I’d love to have a fire when it’s cold out), my exchange bags (felted women, etc) and the lovely pile of ironing. I’ll leave the latter out to bug me til I do it, otherwise, out of sight out of mind.

Compared to the rest of the house it seems quite cluttered. Oh well, organized chaos is fine. Here’s a website that shows other sewing rooms, an online sewing room tour if you’d like to see. I may have shared this already.

I have a little giveaway to do but not enough time right now to put up pictures. Look for another post later this week and maybe you can win!

Have a wonderful Monday!