Today for you: two easy projects.

I needed to replace my coasters in the studio, they were too thin and a bit raggedy. These whip up quick and make use of favorite fabric scraps.

  • Wool    2 @ 4 ½”  x 4 ½”   
  • Batting   4″ x 4″
  • Linen
    • 3½”  x 3½”  
    • 2 ½”  x 2 ½”  
    • 1½” x 1½”
  1. Layer the linen squares on top of one wool piece.
  2. Zigzag around each one.
  3. Sandwich batting between two wool pieces and straight stitch  all around. Done

Now a journal. Gather these: composition notebook, old book about the same size and Elmer’s. See bottom photo how much larger notebook is than book.

Rip out book pages.

Fit notebook into book cover to determine where all you need to collage on notebook. Notice in second photo below I made sure to leave space in the spine for a pen. Let dry thoroughly. Also notice I’ve put  items between paper and cover to avoid contact with glue. (I only do one side at a time obviously, contrary to this photo)

Spread glue inside book cover and attach carefully to notebook, making sure to leave space for the pen. Weigh down and leave for a few hours.

Collage inside book covers. I like to add a few layers of glue wherever there’s paper collaged on to protect it and I like the way it looks.

Using the pen to gauge how much space is needed, stuff batting into bottom so pen doesn’t fall out. Add glue prior to keep it in.

Collage book cover however you like, or not.

See ya.