A pretty little project to start your year.

Gather: small calendar, linen, heavyweight fusible interfacing, fabric scraps, water soluble fabric pen, two eyelets, buttons and lace

1.  Measure picture portion of calendar. Add 1″ to width and length x 2 + 1 1/2″. Cut linen this size. (sample picture was 7″ x 7″ so I cut 8″ x 15 1/2″). Cut interfacing same size as picture.
2.  Fold over short ends of linen twice, press and stitch.

3.  Fold in half and press.
4.   Iron on interfacing.

5.  Use calendar to mark hang holes on both front and back. Attach eyelets per instructions.

6.  Start playing. Draw three vertical lines on the left side and add circles and leaves. Lay a small piece of lace with buttons on the right side.

7.  Sew on with different threads. I used natural, tan and black. Add stems and a few leaves and circles with thread.
8.  Face right sides together, sew down sides.
9.  Turn right side out and slide over calendar.

Happy New Year all. May it be a wonderful year for your family, filled with much joy.

P.S. The Cyber Retreat blog has been updated for this years retreat…will you join us?