Love close ups, they’re so much easier than the full quilt. For some reason the light is better closer. Little 3/8″ hexagons.Quilted and washed for maximum pucker…Entered into the Small Wonders Challenge at Sisters Quilt Show in Oregon.

“From a woman’s soul, through a woman’s eyes, by a woman’s hands”

On a side note, Rosalie Dace (brilliant gal from South Africa) is teaching a 5 day class at the Fabric Patch (where I play, I mean work) She teaches on art quilts, this time focusing on circles. What a wonderful teacher, so knowledgeable and willing to share everything she knows. The students works are fascinating. I’ve been getting back to the classroom as much as I can. Should have taken the class, if you ever get a chance take her class! You won’t regret it.