I had so much fun in Sue Spargo’s class! The whole trip was wonderful. An interesting book on tape for the 5.5 hour trip down, the weather perfect, the hotel surprisingly nice (Motel 6…ya never know). Below is my sampler from the class as of last night, I’ve done some more on it since.

Learned stitches, a few tips and soaked up as much as I could.

Finished the Bullion stitches around this last night.

Silly little Drizzle stitches

A velvet leaf with chenille thread stitching and a wool leaf on top. Wool circle and two blue Bullion stitches. That velvet was not cooperative…at all. A wiggly fabric for sure.

A few quilts I noticed the next day during the show.

What a nice town.

At one point, after crossing a street, I came into the shade to find a bubbling creek. I stopped it was so pretty and then noticed the voices accompanying an acoustic guitar (love acoustic guitar sound!) People were walking all over the place and there was the soft murmur of contented women. It was a perfect moment so I just closed my eyes and listened for awhile. Like I said, I had a wonderful time.

More quilt photos and stitching to come…