I received a pleasant surprise the other day. Found this in the mail from American Patchwork & Quilting and thought, oh no, they sent me someone else’s issue. Because I know I haven’t recently submitted anything. So I flipped through it and there it was, again.

Wow, that was cool.

Beneath the magazine is an example of something I’ve been attempting: quilting on my home machine. I’ve been reading this blog (click on The Free Motion Quilting Project in the left sidebar to get to the blog.) The stitches are wobbly and uneven, not a real fan of the learning curve but in order to do more dense quilting I need to practice. I have access to a longarm but can’t really leave my quilt on it for several days so…learning curve must be dealt with.

Recently sewed a few labels for a friend, she’s been cranking out quilts of late. Yes, this is my typical size Dresden…3 inches. It was fun to sew a mini again, it’d been awhile.