I haven’t had a design wall in quite awhile since I was only sewing miniatures. Didn’t need one. But now that I’m creating larger quilts, it’s necessary once again.

When I saw what my friend Sally had done, I decided to copy her most excellent design wall. She purchased a sound board ($10.55 at Lowe’s with the insulation products) and a vinyl tablecloth ($4 Walmart). The sound board is a soft wood like material (you can stick a pin in it!) and comes in a 4′ x 8′ sheet. It really should be attached to a wall but I needed to lean it against my fireplace so I attached a wooden frame around the back so it could stand and not bend. Also had to cut off a foot since I don’t have 8 foot ceilings. Bummer, wish I did. Wrap the tablecloth around it and use tacks in the back, super easy.

The work in progress on there was inspired by a quilt in Colorful Quilts.

Love this book and most of the quilts in it. I used the idea and not the pattern. The strip widths are randomly cut and placed wherever in the blocks. Sally (I think of her as English Sally, that accent sounds like a melody to me), had given me a stack of hand dyed squares, some of them look like suede and some like the Stonehenge fabrics. I added a few black/grey/white prints and some Kona solids.

Very pleased with it so far and I know exactly how I’m going to quilt it once it’s pieced together. I’ll let you know if it works out.