The circle quilting (from the last post) wasn’t difficult but took longer than I thought for this size of quilt. The quilt is made up of 6″ squares so it’s only 36″ x 42″, not so hard to wrangle in a machine. I began by drawing with a blue water soluble pen the first 6 or so circles and followed it using a free motion foot. Then I changed to a walking foot and kept away from the previous¬†line by 1/8″ or so, you can kinda see how far in the first photo of the last post. Click on it to get a better look.

I saw a quilt quilted this way on this blog some time ago and apparently she got it from Denyse Schmidt. Wanted to try it some day and finally had the perfect quilt for it. I teased my longarm quilter friend she couldn’t do this on her machine! She says she could. I’d like to see you try Charisma, I’d like to see ya try!