Finished this sometime ago, it inspired the Bubbles quilt. Soft, simple but with a touch of brights.

And now something different…home pics. Remember my tastes had changed in fabrics/quilts? Well, it has also influenced my tastes in home decor. I’d like to change somethings but it seems a little overwhelming to think of all the work and money it’d take. I don’t necessarily feel like doing the work by myself and don’t like spending money much. All that kind of takes the fun out of it. Anyhow…

I like this corner. Antique table, white scale, old books with cool covers, tin molding hung vertically and small plant in a new ironstone pot. Only thing I don’t like is the lampshade, hate that shape, would prefer barrel. This area will work easily with the color change I’d like.

Fireplace area…boring. Guess I could paint the inside of the shelves, like the basket and books. Not so much the stack of quilts or white frames. Would love something dramatic above the fireplace. Wouldn’t it look cool if the fireplace opening was full of wood? I mean like totally full so you only see the small round ends of logs.

Like the white buffet but that’s pretty much it about this corner. I do like the window, it just doesn’t work here. A wide screen tv would be better but I can’t stand to spend the money when this tv works fine.

This rug is the worst offender and the biggest reason for not changing things up in the living room.

These photos are between the living and dining rooms. Like it but some of the frames are cheap wood.

So…any suggestions?