Guess that should really be altering, not repurposing. I’d already started when I remember to take a photo, oops.

This has been in the closet for close to 2 years. The top portion fits perfect but went to below my knees, not good. So at first I was just going to shorten it but I wanted the same hemline. But I was afraid to do it, it’s not cotton and if I messed up the black binding fabric there wasn’t any extra. So it hung in the closet. Pulled it out today and after staring at it, had a new idea. The shirt I have on now has a waistband that allows the upper portion to billow a little.

So, I cut out 7 inches, reattached the hem, sewed in some elastic and voila! I can finally wear it. Sheesh, took long enough. (the color is so different in the pics, it’s really a dark blue with black trim, a combo of the pics really)

Thanks again for all the ideas on my living room. My thinking had been stuck in a rut and so that helped bring new options to the table. Haven’t done anything yet, still feel like spending every spare minute sewing but I will. I will.