Since  starting with Pinterest I have wondered what’s the point of creating these lists if I don’t use them? I’ve had idea files in different catagories on my computer for a while now but Pinterest is more fun. Especially since I can see so many others “idea files” and, an added benefit, where they got them from. So, here are two creations from last night, one from my computer idea file and one from my Pinterest.

A bracelet of old buttons and waxed linen.

I added some knots in the back to keep things in place and a loop on one end to secure it on my wrist.

Here’s the original from Hope Studios. I just now went and looked at the tutorial, on one she added beads, very cute.

And now the necklace…

The top old button is unusual as there’s a mirror in it. Can you see it?

There are also the mother of pearl buttons and an old shoe button dangling off the bottom. It was fun, didn’t take long and who doesn’t have extra buttons laying around? Or a few thousand? The original photo used for inspiration won’t show up (do not know why) but here’s the blog where I got it from. Who knows where on there but, anyhow, it’s somewhere.