First a few pics from my guild’s Artsy Girl exchange.

At the quilt show a guy from the Soap Lake Art Museum wanted to speak with me about my pieces in the show.  At one point after commenting on the quilts and asking a few questions he asked me “What were you thinking?” in regards to the quilt below. He was expecially intrigued with this one and wanted to know about my creative process.

I didn’t really know what to say. I thought about it more later and decided my creative process is driven by feeling or maybe intuition, not thinking. I do think, obviously, in placing color and shape but where they stay is determined by feeling. Sometimes I have to sit and stare at a piece until something pops into my head, I can ‘see it’ and it feels right. Then I know.

Here are a few more unfinished pieces. The piece above is approximately 13″ x 19″ and made of linen, cotton and silk.

I intend to add some words to the one below with thread but have yet to figure out which ones.

and I love the way the silk ends stick out on the left. Have to figure out a way to finish it with them still like that.