In a small group I’m apart of we do birthday blocks for each other. Charisma’s was a bit of  improv from a favorite book of hers, Material Obsessions. She gave us some yo-yos and the background. Thanks for choosing such a fun block Charisma! You said we could do what we wanted and so I added words. Big surprise, me and words.

And then the fun was over too quick so I stitched up a label for everyone else to sign. The branches are about 1/4″ thick. The white basting stitch is just to hold the edges so she can easily applique it to the back.

Do you enjoy the artistry that is Anthropologie? I recently came across some short videos on a few of their artists. And then there is the magazine, not entirely sure what that’s all about but it kind of looks like a blog. Looks like the videos are on there as well.

Well, I changed it up today and played first instead of my usual work and then play. So…the vacuum awaits. Then more play before the quilt meeting.

See ya.