My sewing room has been bugging me for sometime now, making it uncomfortable to create in. Not inspiring at all. It felt messy and crowded. I only recently figured out why and I guess it makes sense.

When I did collages my studio looked like a collage. Piles of antique ephemera, two bookshelves of it. Minis all over the place, stuff everywhere. But I sew modern quilts now and my sewing space didn’t reflect that. So I’ve been working to change it. Out with the old, in with the newer and refreshed.

I put it off because I knew it’d take alot of work: paint the room, refinish sewing table, sort through everything, move everything, hang new blinds, build wardrobe, reupholster chair…the list was long. First there’s a mess…

Bye bye wiggle on the ceiling (so much easier than a straight line). Bye bye beige, hello grey.

More modern don’t you think?

Standing in front of the fireplace on one side of the room. It’s a daylight basement, that’s why the windows are so small and high. Cutting area, sewing table and design wall.

Design wall, fabric storage in two antique dressers.

Fresh new blinds

Window wall is on the left. Still have a few suitcases and frames too the left of the wardrobe. Non working fireplace, smokes up the room. Bummer, would be so cozy in winter.

Then there’s the chair. It dumpy looking but comfortable. The arms are nice and wide, can even set a drink on them, and scissors, thread, pins, etc.  Anyhow, its going to be reupholstered in a charteruse/limey microfiber. Not looking forward to that, especially since I’ve never done it before. Also need a different side table, well, would like one.

And a nice long horizontal art quilt for the wall. I’ll have to think on this one. That’ll be nice, I don’t usually have an actual reason to sew another quilt.

That’s the full circle tour. I didn’t want to wait til I finished the chair because who knows how long that’s going to take.

The last few posts show what I’ve created in here so far. I’m inspired and it feels  good to be sewing again!