Recently I spent some time at the lake with a few friends. Reading, painting, swimming and chatting.

The following week was spent laboring at the store, rearranging it all. We closed to do it and it was a hot mess!

Then I was looking for a picture for a class I’m taking soon and came across some old quilt photos I thought I’d share. This first one is a secondhand frame I built a cabinet around and put a little quilt in it based on a $5 quilt from my lqs. Turns out the gal I sold it too designed that quilt. The half square triangles are 1/2″.

This woven piece was shown at a guild meeting. The only way to do a mini in this pattern I think. The strips were half inch or so. Never tried it myself but its interesting.

An old bottle piece, doesn’t show much of the quilt inside but I liked the photo.

A book piece, didn’t do many mini appliques. You can see I cut out part of the book cover, still have a container full of the parts I cut out. Too much hard work to just throw it all away but have yet to do anything with them.

One of my favorites,  soft and peaceful.

And this, I did the piecing but not the applique. It was a round robin, other than the words its all applique. The squares were, I think, 1 1/2″ finished. So the branch is like, less than 1/4″, crazy small. The black in the birds eye is a seed bead and the white is appliqued, unbelieveable. When I first saw it I thought it was ribbon embroidery. I don’t see how she did it. “But you taught me” she said. I didn’t teach her THAT!

I’m hoping to sew tomorrow. You?