I found this at the quilt show I went to recently. Lovely dusty purple, grey with a little blue and green silk.

I’d gotten some before, all colors, and loved working with them. These colors would look beautiful with my greys, linen and cotton.

So, I decided to sew a little bag. First, a little piecing.

Some quilting…

Pin the front and back back and trim the batting a 1/4″. Doing this made it easier to sew on the zipper.

Make your zipper longer on both ends, it should start about 2-3″ shorter than short side of bag piece. Make it as long as short side of bag.

Now sew to short sides of bag piece, and zigzag to secure.

Next stitch the zipper edge down on inside of bag.

Sew a 10″ strap. I sewed a tube, turned it right side out and topstitched down each side.

Pin strap in seam. Sew one end  and sew other end the opposite way. Below shows two different ways for strap and if the zipper starts on top or bottom. It all depends on how the ends are sewn. The one on the left began at 12.5″ x 9.5″ and the one with silk pieces on the right at 14″ x 8″.

Have fun but be careful, they can be addictive. ;o)