Bye-bye brown chair.

This was the one thing I dreaded the most about redoing my studio, reupholstering my chair. I’ve never done that before, plenty of slipcovers but other than kitchen chairs, no upholstering. Not looking forward to it AT ALL but wanted it done. Found enough fabric in the right color, only $32, so if I mess up… not that big a deal.

I got down to the foam and discovered the year it was made, 1964. Yuck, that’s alot of years of dust, so I decided to rip off the foam as well.

Center of chair

Arms came off, made things a little easier.

And the ottoman was in deperate need, it’d been covered with a quilt for over a year.

All is better now. Not perfect mind you, but done. And so soft to the touch.

See the side table off to the side? That’s the next and last piece of furniture to be redone. Grey stain on top and white painted base. Who knows when, I’m just going to enjoy the room for awhile.