Another project I’ve wanted to try done. I still have some clothesline left to make a small basket and I also have some cotton line that I’m not going to wrap but use colored thread on.

This is a repurposed zipper. I couldn’t find one locally with a nice pull so I went to a thrift store and took this off a guys pullover. Good zipper at the right price. The leather straps is cut from a sample I got free from a furniture store. Ya know all those fabric samples they sometimes give away?

There are just the right amount of pockets inside and it’s a medium size purse, not a carry-all that seems so popular. It’s wonky but I like it. Another item off the to try list.

Now to finish the Christmas tablerunner binding, well, invisible binding. Whatever. Oh, and I have tried the free motion foot, just not comfortable with the results.  I end up grumpy when I use that foot, just not my cup of tea I guess.