I sewed together some triangles left over from another project, added fabric til it was the size of a leftover piece of flannel and voila. A baby quilt. Think I’l send it to the closest Ronald McDonald house.

And then I’d started, earlier this year, changing things up in my living room. I wanted a big piece of art for the mantal but didn’t know what. I found this piece online, loved it and so set out to recreate my own smaller version.

I tried writing sloppy/artsy but didn’t quite make it as much as the original. I could barely make out actual letters, let alone words. Thinking it may be in another language. More scribbling really. The before and then the after with my written art version, along with a Ellsworth Kelly knockoff I also created.

Would be so much better with the fireplace full of wood. Someday.


The writings are some of my favorite scriptures written with a paint pen on a piece of plywood painted white. The Ellsworth Kelly is on a canvas. More modern don’t you think?

Here’s more of the whole area.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving all!