This pattern came into the store…last week I think it was.  Third Street1-IMG_7092-001

A close up of the striped binding. Like it. Like it. Like it!


It was a quick project, for no particular reason other than the joy of sewing. Probably took as much time to quilt it as to sew the top.


Then a binding project. Its my studio quilt. Modern, lots of white and a flannel backing. I’m taking my own sweet time and just enjoying it. I like the hand stitching part of binding.


Finally… scraps. I’m creating a lot of them, so making blocks like these, I’m hoping, will keep the scrap bag small. And it’ll also set me up for a quick quilt fix. Pull out some blocks, put them together however, and quilt.


I’ve finished 4 quilts for Christmas with two to go. Borders on  one and quilt them both. No problem. Hope you are also enjoying some sewing! Happy finishing to you!