of the year.

I hope your Christmas was wonderful and this New Year the best one yet for us all!


This is a piece I’m working on for a wall in my studio. Haven’t felt like working on it and I guess really haven’t had time due to all the Christmas quilts. So while making a list of projects (3 lists- sewing, quilts and clothes) I noticed I’d kept this book, wanting to try a particular block before returning the book back to its owner. Only had it for months now.


So here’s the block, maybe you can understand why I put it off. More work than I’m used to for one block. Cotton and silk. The pattern is from a Japanese book which I was going to take a photo of but forgot and don’t remember the name. Sheesh, sorry. Maybe if Sabrina reads this she can put the name in the comments, see I didn’t even give the book back to its owner but to another friend.

Now I’m thinking there needs to be at least 2 other circular blocks, this can’t be the only one in the quilt. Maybe a simple wagon wheel and mini Dresden. We’ll see.

1-IMG_7133 1-IMG_7137

See you next in the Year of our Lord 2013.