I found this cute lil’ coin purse and pinned it. Looked simple enough, so I gave it a try.


First I chose fabrics to go with the zipper I had.


The first try (yes, it took more than once) didn’t pass muster. Beak and wing were fine but that zipper placement was not right, uneven and bumpy. Also it wasn’t big enough, I wanted to be able to take out coins with more than two fingers.


This next time I used a heavy interfacing to help keep the shape. Worked much better but to me, tell me if you see it, it kinda looks like a fish. So I guess I now have a Birdfish coin purse. And the $24 this gal charges on Etsy…doesn’t pay her enough for her time, that’s for sure.


I’ve had this metal closure for a few years and finally pulled it out. Couldn’t decide between linen or Kaffe’, so, I went with both. Still needs a chain but it won’t get one with me. I wasn’t happy at all with the way it attaches to the closure. The first attempt I used regular thread but the holes in the metal had sharp edges and cut the thread after only a few stitches. The only thicker thread available was a black upholstery thread. Whatever, it’s done. Sometimes what I learn when I try something new is that I don’t want to do that again.

1-IMG_7156 1-IMG_7158

Have you ever heard of someone selling every thing they own and completely redoing their home in a totally different style? I saw this a long time ago and just came across it again. From antique to modern…in 2 weeks!