Finally finished this piece for my studio wall. Took a lot of time with this one due to all the thinking. Wasn’t willing to finish it until I figured it all out. I wanted it to hang well, solidly like a painting would. A sleeve on the back wouldn’t be good enough. So I decided on a frame to wrap the quilt around like a canvas. It was super easy, much easier than all my procrastinating warranted.

The back…


I used furring strips ($1.27 at Lowe’s)  that easily allowed tacks to be pushed in. I know that’s not the proper use of L brackets but use what you have right? And they served the purpose. It’s a solid but lightweight frame. I think it was a 2.5″ strip of dark grey that I sewed around the quilt edge to wrap around the 62″ x 24″ wood frame.



Love, love how it turned out. One of those things where I wished I’d have tried it sooner.

IMG_7202IMG_7200IMG_7198 IMG_7197 IMG_7196

This last one shows a corner.


I will definitely be doing this again, even on smaller pieces. It looks so good!