First cut  2.5″ strip (long enough to go all the way around) and begin sewing it to quilt edge with end folded as shown  below. The wood I used for the frame is 1″ x 2″ furring strips. Thicker wood would obviously need a wider strip.


Sew to .25″ (or whatever your seam allowance is) of the corner…



and turn…



Yes the corner will be funky, try not to sew any pleats into it. Here it is done.


A close up of the corner. Don’t clip it as it will be pulled taut around a wooden corner and we don’t want it to rip.


Turn it inside out…


And pull evenly around a frame that you’ve made to fit. Build frame according to finished size of quilt (not including strips) and you will pull the quilt top ever so slightly around frame edge so as not to see strips from the front. I used tacks  but someone mentioned staples which sounds easier on the thumbs for sure. Voila!



This piece is much smaller than the last one, about 6″ x 17″. Usually there is (in my mind) a specific right side up to a piece but not with this one. I like it any way, horizontal, vertical, dark up or down. Colors are silk and grey to white is Kona.


See ya.