Good evening.

In finishing this little quilt I decided to use a green thread, usually it would be white. I was trying to decide between two when I wondered if you’d even be able to tell if I used them both. Was the difference too subtle?


The answer was yes, too subtle to notice for a design feature. The peach has the darker, the blue the lighter green. But then I also thought if I were to run out of a color that a similar color would work. I wouldn’t have to run to the store and no one else would be the wiser. Good to know.



I put it on the long wall in my new sewing room. We moved in last April. I intend to fill this wall to the ceiling with art of some kind, mostly quilts. There’s a ways to go.


Here’s a better shot of the new addition.


See ya.

P.S. Thank you for the comments on my last post. I truly felt like I was walking into an empty room talking to myself. It’s been sooo long. You made me feel welcomed back. Ya made me smile.